Dalton Motors Autobody is a full service collision repair facility that has been serving the Winslow and surrounding area sine July, 1965.  In addition to towing we offer collision repair to most passenger cars, light trucks and medium duty vehicles. We work with all insurance companies and would be glad to assist you with your insurance claim. 



We use only Martin - Senour Professional urethane based, basecoat / clearcoat, two or three stage paint products, mixed on-site for quality, endurance and color match.  All refinishing is performed in our semi-downdraft spray booth manufactured by Spray Booth Systems of Dallas, TX.


Today's modern vehicles require specialized repair equipment and procedures.  Structural acuracy and integrity is imperative to long lasting service and safety.  At Dalton Motors Autobody, structural issues are diagnosed and corrected with state-of-the-art computer and laser measuring equipment.  In order to achieve proper panel alignment, wheel alignment, drivability, safety and handling, the "foundation" must be deminsionally correct.



It is critical that the "foundation", or structural parts of the vehicle are deminsionally accurate.  This allows for proper wheel alignment, body panel alignment and safe driveability as well as cosmetic considerations.  A quality repair is much more than just making a vehicle look good.  Today's vehicles are specifically designed to react in certain ways during a crash in order to protect the occupants.  Crush zones in today's modern vehicle "dictate" where the vehicle will collapse and absorb energy.  The passenger compartment is generally the strongest area of the automobile and is designed to defelct the energy of a crash away from the passengers.  These features, along with supplemental restraint systems (air bags, crash detection devices, automatic roll bars, etc.) are essential to proper repairs so that they may perform properly in the event of another crash.


In addition, modern vehicle are manufactured using a variety of materials.  Many manufacturers are building automobiles with different materials including sheet molded compounds, aluminum, magnesium, mild steels, high strength steels and ultra high strength steel aloys, as well as different kinds of plastics, etc.  Some of these materials are "repairer friendly" and can be repaired easily, others may take special processes to repair while still others are not repairable and must be replaced.



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